As we head in to winter, Audi of Michiana encourages everyone to take notice of their tires.  The tires your car is riding on can have a dramatic impact in several ways.  They help determine your gas mileage, how your car handles, breaking distance, how it rides, and how it performs in different types of weather.  There are differing opinions on whether different tires  for winter are necessary or even advantageous if you live in an area where climates are varied.  Here, we try to help guide you through the process of choosing which tires are best for your car.  

The video to the right demonstrates the difference between all-weather tires, and winter-specific tires.  While all-weather tires are obviously designed to be effective no matter the elements, the tread design and rubber composition of winter tires do give the driver an advantage in cold, snowy, and icy conditions.  As an example, Edmunds did a study (in snowy conditions) and found that It took the car they tested 11.7 seconds to accelerate to 40 mph on snow tires, and 14.5 seconds to get there on all-season rubber.  On the other side of the equation, they noted a 156 feet stopping distance for the winter tires, compared to 184 feet for the all-season tires.

A few tips when deciding:  Consider your driving conditions, as well as your driving habits.  If you live in an area where snowfall is prevalent and you drive "aggressively" no matter the conditions, then  you are probably a good candidate for snow tires.  They will help with your braking distances, keeping you and those around you safer.  Even if you are a cautious driver, snow tires are something to consider.  All-season tires simply can't be the best tires for all seasons, they are designed to be acceptable for all conditions. 

Buy the best tires you can afford.  Especially living in the Midwest, we never know what the weather will bring us.  Having the best tires on your car you can might keep you out of an accident, and will help your car perform better.  

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